Maritime Overseas Consultant offers complete technical assistance and management services to a diverse range of clients from commercial ships to small and mid-sized private yachts Owners. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Condition Survey and Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are the most important aspect of the vessel assessment process. Condition Surveys helps to identify severe and dangerous threats to passenger and equipment safety.


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Marine Technical Assistance

Our goal is to keep the Owner clearly informed of the actual operational condition of the vessel in order to plan corrective action.


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Ship Managment Documentation

The key of keeping a vessel in good condition is the way the Owner manages and controls their vessel. We assist and attend any inquiry, doubt or question from our client and/or their staff involved with the safety management system implemented on board.


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Predictive Maintenance Service - Non destructive test

Maritime Overseas Consultant as partner of Trading Corp offers predictive maintenance services via outsourcing, implementing and following a maintenance schedule program without investing in equipments, personnel or training by the ship/yacht Owner.          Click for details…

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