Over the years in particular after the two biggest maritime catastrophes the S/V Titanic in 1912 and the M/T Exxon Valdez in 1989, and considering that millions of people board commercial cruise ships and private or commercial yachts for exciting vacation experiences; that the maritime law and regulations have been constantly discussed, renewed and introduced new amendments to the International Conventions to improve ship/vessel/yacht building procedures, the safety operation of the ships in order to avoid lost of life at sea and protect the environment from any kind of pollution.


Those rules and regulations apply from small personal watercrafts up to big commercial vessels over 500 GRT. Further, each country has the authority to establish their own local rules and regulations addition to the International law. Each country has a Port State Control (like US Cost Guard for USA Country) who has the authority and responsibility to carry out inspections and surveys to ensure the safety operation and the seaworthiness of the vessel/ship/yacht.


Other entity to consider are the insurance Companies, who will also require ship/yacht Owners to provide a condition survey as support documentation of possible risk involved to their particular ship/yacht. Insurer interests are based on structural integrity, safety operation and maintenances of the ship/yacht, as well as it’s intended of use. This survey is required by many insurance companies before a ship/yacht insurance coverage is granted.

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Maritime Overseas Consultant is a maritime consulting group which mission is to provide advice, assistance and knowledge support to small private and/or commercial ship/yacht Owners and their companies to understand and optimize their safety procedures and ship/yacht repair and maintenances on board in order to keep their ship/yacht in continue safety operational conditions.


As well as to provide condition and damage survey to P&I and other Vessel/Boat Insurance Companies based on our maritime rules and regulations knowledge and technical expertise to evaluate each unique vessel/yacht and identify possible risk involved to each particular vessel/yacht.


Maritime Overseas Consultant offers a variety of services based on ship management, technical and survey studies to improve the safety operation and maintain condition of any fleet.


And has the knowledge and capability to represent Flag Maritime Authorities or Recognized Organizations as independent ship/vessel auditor and surveyor to carry out Annual Safety Inspections on their behalf.

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